Implement powerful shipping cost controls

Controlling shipping expenses can be daunting, especially when employees are working from many different offices and remote locations. Neopost’s Enterprise Shipping System (ESS) allows users to choose the most cost-effective carrier and service based on desired delivery date, all from their desktop – no matter where the user is located.

Streamline your company’s shipping process while saving time and money

Scalable Cloud Technology

Scalable Cloud Technology

Our cloud based technology allows any of your employees to ship from any of your offices or remote locations.

Powerful Cost Controls

Powerful Cost Controls

Save 10-30% per package by empowering your employees to make shipping choices from multiple carriers. Enable your employees to create a shipment or create a request to ship, where your mailroom then completes the shipment.

Address Validation

Address Validation

Addresses are updated and validated using the USPS® CASS™ Certified database, ensuring deliverability and helping to reduce costly, preventable carrier fees.

Expense Allocation

Expense Allocation

Allocate shipping costs to the appropriate cost center, project, person or department. Empower your employees to make the right shipping choices based on the cost and delivery objective.

This retailer approached Neopost USA to find a solution that would support efficient business operations and boost its customer retention rate.

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EMS - Enhanced Mailing and Shipping

Address correction, package tracking, cost management and delivery options.

ProShip Enterprise Shipping Software

When you’re managing a world-class, large-scale shipping operation, you need a best-in-class solution.

WTS - Web Tracking System

Never lose an inbound parcel again. Track the chain of custody of inbound packages, anywhere, anytime.

Packcity - Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Make it easier for people to pick up packages according to their schedule. Accessible 24/7, Packcity intelligent parcel lockers make parcel pick-ups fast, easy and secure.