What is Commercial Base Pricing and how is it impacted by the IMpb requirements?

Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) is a set of special discounted rates that are available to shippers who use scanable postage markings and send package data to the USPS systems electronically.

With CBP there is no minimum shipping volume required to obtain the discounted rates and it applies to items with a weight up to 70 lbs. Also CBP can be applied to mail classes such as: Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Package Services and First-Class International Packages, Media Mail, Library Mail, etc.

After January 26, 2015, only shipping labels that include an IMpb will qualify for Commercial Base Pricing. A pre-printed label with an IM®pb will only qualify for Retail Rates. Examples of pre-printed labels with an IM®pb barcode include a:

  • USPS Tracking Label (also known as the Label 400)
  • USPS Extra Services Label such as eSignature Confirmation