Customer Loyalty Program

Here’s What You Can Expect If

You upgraded to newer equipment

  • Delivery of the new equipment takes approximately seven to ten business days.
    • Your new equipment is self-installable, but installation is available for a one-time fee.
    • You will receive one new ink cartridge and a box of 15 self-adhesive labels.
    • Neopost USA will continue to use your existing customer and postage account numbers unless you specify otherwise.
    • You will receive one return shipping label, via e-mail, with instructions about sending the old equipment back to our shipping center in Memphis, TN.
      • It takes approximately two to three weeks to receive the shipping return labels.
      • All parts and accessories must be returned with the old equipment.
      • Any unused postage in the old equipment will be credited back to your postage account. This process takes approximately four weeks from the time the old equipment is sent back.

      You renewed your rental

      • A revised invoice will be sent to you in approximately two weeks from the renewal signed date.
      • If Neopost USA owes you a credit on your account, the credit will post to your account in approximately two weeks.
      • If you would like the credit to be applied towards a rental invoice, please contact Customer Service.
      • Credits from the equipment rental cannot be applied towards postage invoices and vice versa.


      Registering With MyNeopost


      Please be sure to » register here for a MyNeopost account.

      Once logged-in, you will be able to:

      • See a summary of your current account information
      • View and pay current and past-due invoices for equipment rental
      • View and pay current and past neoFunds® invoices
      • Set up e-mail payment alerts for neoFunds®
      • Download postage transaction reports
      • Request service for your equipment
      • Order supplies
      • Request change of address
      • Request a call back from our Customer Service department

      Be sure to save your online account user name, password and all pertinent account information so you can easily refer back to them.

      You will need your meter serial number and postage account number to register.

      Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Where can I find my Neopost account information?
      A:  You can choose which account details you would like to use to register. Here is a easy guide to help you locate this data.

      • Customer and Invoice Number – These account numbers appear on your Neopost USA invoice. The Customer Number will be the series of numbers before the dash.
      • Meter Serial Number – Run a “zero value” envelope. The serial number appears on the indicia (meter imprint) after all letters in the sequence.
      • Postage Account Number – Your Postage (POC) account number appears in two locations: on the documentation you received with your equipment and on your Neopost postage statement.

      Q: Which account number(s) should I use?
      A: Use your customer account number to purchase supplies, to request service on your equipment, for billing issues and any customer service related issues. Use your postage account or neoFunds® account numbers when inquiring about postage purchases and invoices.

      Q: How will I get reimbursed for unused postage?
      A: Any unused postage will be credited back to your postage account. This is an automated-process and takes approximately four weeks from the time you return the old equipment back to Neopost USA. You may also request a refund of your postage, but please note this refund comes from the United States Postal Service and can take five to six weeks. The USPS will not refund amounts less than $25.

      Q: Can I get credit for supplies from my old meter?
      A: You can get full credit on any supplies as long as the box/packaging has not been opened and the order is not older than 90 days. Please contact Customer Service to request supplies credits.

      Q: I’m due a credit from past equipment rental invoices. How will this be credited to my account?
      A: A credit will be applied to your account. In order to apply the credit to past/current rental invoices, please contact our Customer Service department.

      Q: What is my meter PIN or supervisor PIN number?
      A: Here are the default PIN and supervisor numbers for your postage meter:

      • IJ25/WJ20 models – PIN number 1234
      • IJ40/WJ65 models – Supervisor PIN number 9430
      • IS330/IM330 models – Supervisor PIN number 09430

      Q: How do I start adding postage to my new postage meter?
      A: Depending on the model, simply connect your meter to an analog or LAN line connection. The meter only has to be connected when downloading postage, which takes less than 60 seconds. Additional assistance can be found in the knowledgebase. You can search for your postage meter model or click through the directories for information and simulations.

      Q: How do the neoFunds® and postage payment services work?
      A: Your neoFunds® account provides you the easiest and most convenient way to order and pay for powww. Download postage that you need, whenever you need it – no need to prepay. You will be invoiced for the postage and billing is net 28 days. There is no transaction fee for account balances up to $700; 1 percent flex-limit fee applies to account balances between $700 and $1,500. You may request a credit limit increase by calling our Customer Service department.

      Q: What is IBIP and is my meter compliant?
      A: IBIP (Information-Based Indicia Program) is an integral part of a comprehensive USPS strategy to stem losses from criminal tampering of postage meters, counterfeiting of indicia and systemic audit, and control weaknesses. The IBIP solution renders each indicia unique to the mail piece, making it possible to detect duplicates and therefore identify probable counterfeit activity. Only the Neopost SM22/26 is not IBIP compliant. If you have these models, please contact our Sales department for information about upgrading your equipment.

      Q: Where can I find Neopost USA tax information?
      A: You can obtain Neopost USA W-9 forms here.