Capital University, an independent college in Columbus, OH, has partnered with Neopost USA for more than 10 years. During that time, Neopost-brand solutions have helped the school manage its internal mail delivery process.

Track inbound packages anywhere, any time

Capital University's Mail Services and Shipping Fulfillment Center is responsible for handling all incoming and outgoing packages and mail for more than 4,000 students, faculty and staff as well as 52 departments within the university. Neopost USA's NeoTrak was the legacy solution that traced the school's internal package movements.

The decade-long relationship and Neopost USA's deep knowledge about Capital's unique circumstances were the basis for a unique test. Neopost USA approached the University to participate in a beta test of Web Tracking System (WTS-P), a new on-premise solution for tracking inbound packages anywhere, any time.

Web Tracking System, an easy-to-use valuable time saver

  • Web Tracking System WTS-P easily managed the University's unique requirements to manipulate data constantly, to accommodate the seasonal movement of students as well as monitor the location of letters and parcels.
  • Web Tracking System WTS-P automated Capital's entire inbound delivery demands and provided additional functions including features that allowed the University's mail services department to track and monitor the complete chain-of-custody for packages.
  • The Web Tracking System WTS-P beta test trial period was so successful that Capital University decided to implement the product for a full year.

In post-test reviews, Capital University called Web Tracking System WTS-P user-friendly, intuitive to use and a valuable time-saver. 

Web Tracking System helped Capital University introduce a whole new level of parcel tracking service

Web Tracking System WTS-P increased reliability and accelerated the University's Mail Services department's productivity. The University cited these specific features as being most useful:

  • Greater data manipulation capabilities, including an import-and-export function which simplifies the process of adding new-student address information and deleting data for students who had graduated
  • Enhanced signature confirmation that provides a signature and a typed name to ensure legibility and clarity for mailroom administrators. "We just love [this] feature," said Cindy Harp, Mail Services Manager at Capital University, because it allows the mail services team to determine instantly the individual "who signed for that package."
  • Advanced search which allows the mail services team to search address data and position of mail by name, department, tracking number, mailbox number or other identifying fields
  • Increased access to data and monitoring information because Web Tracking System WTS-P can be utilized on any computer and by multiple users simultaneously
  • Time-saving automated services such as the e-mail or text reminder recipients receive when a package is ready for pick-up

Web Tracking System WTS-P helped Capital University introduce a whole new level of parcel tracking service for the benefit of the University's students, administrators and faculty. Now, the University's Mail Services department can give those three customer constituencies exact, detailed and instant information about each parcel in the delivery chain: when it arrived at the University, where it is physically located at any particular time, who signed for it. The bonus service feature that pleased the University was the ability to send an email or text message to recipients alerting them that a parcel was awaiting pick-up.