Vitamix had no problem creating top-of-the-line food-preparation equipment.
The problem the company faced was unnecessarily expensive shipping costs.

Shipping Costs Were Unnecessarily High

Vitamix Mailroom Coordinator Jennifer McRae is in charge of all Vitamix mailing operations. One of her roles is to  find the best way to ship cookbooks, products, product-part replacements and marketing materials.

NeoShip Provides Significant Savings

Most Vitamix departments chose expensive parcel carrier options when shipping packages. Those expenses quickly added up. Vitamix’s costs diminished and productivity soared after the company was introduced to NeoShip, Neopost’s affordable online shipping solution. End-users can process parcels from NeoShip’s easy-to-use desktop interface in four easy steps: 1) select a package type and weight, 2) enter the recipient address, 3) select a mail class and any desired USPS® Extra Services, 4) print the shipping label.

NeoShip supports USPS® Commercial Base® Pricing (which provides significant savings compared with retail rates) on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™ items.  Address validation, tracking, department charge-back and the simplicity of generating a USPS Intelligent Mail® package barcode-compliant shipping label  impressed Jennifer and her Vitamix colleagues. “I always knew that there was an option to make our mail center more cost-effective,” Jennifer said, “but it was hard to imagine the possibilities available to me without having experienced them.”

Jennifer emphasized NeoShip’s value with a story about an employee who had a special circumstance that required her to ship a 17-pound package to Florida from company headquarters in Cleveland. Shipping that package cost $39.60  at retail rates. Thanks to NeoShip, the cost of that same shipment fell 50 percent – to  $19.78 – using Priority three-day shipping.

Jennifer Has Never Been Happier
Jennifer is thrilled with NeoShip’s many features. She takes great comfort in knowing that her parcels are being tracked and she appreciates the fact that NeoShip gives her the ability to save money for her company. “NeoShip is working exactly as I had hoped,” said Jennifer. “It has improved the quality of my work life. Using NeoShip is easier than putting frosting on a cake. I have never been happier.”

Adding NeoShip to the Vitamix mail center was a simple change that delivered a time-saving and money-saving result. Jennifer wants “to knock on everyone’s doors and say, ‘Have you checked out NeoShip? There is something new in town.’”

Vitamix® manufactures and sells high-end, high-performance blenders to consumer and commercial markets. The Cleveland, OH-based company, an existing Neopost USA customer, was in the market to upgrade its 10-year-old mailing system as well as find a way to reduce shipping costs.


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