Using Neotouch from Neopost France, property management firm C.G.S. streamlines its mail dispatch within France and internationally.

Interview with Mr. Olivier Bouzat, Technical and Accounting Manager for C.G.S.


Customer benefits:

  • One FTE (full-time employee) reallocated from mail dispatch to higher value-added tasks;
  • Quick and simple mail dispatch conforming to the statutory timeframes applicable to agents;
  • Real-time traceability of mail items; and
  • Proof of registered postage readily accessible online for three years.

Time-Consuming Manual Dispatches

C.G.S. is a firm that manages "single purpose" accommodation, examples of which include tourist rentals, serviced apartments, corporate accommodation, apartment hotels, student residences and accommodation for seniors. C.G.S. manages properties for almost 6,000 co-owners and has offices throughout France.

In 2012, C.G.S. noticed how much time its staff were spending on printing, enveloping and metering mail items, and sought a solution that could increase productivity and efficiency. Preparing the dispatch of invitations to, and minutes of, AGMs, calls for contributions and other letters are substantial and time-consuming tasks, as items must be sent within the statutory legal timeframes in advance of meetings. One full-time member of staff was responsible for this laborious task, the most complex part of which was managing the peaks in activity at the end of each quarter and at the start of the year! “So although the service comes at a cost, we decided to invest in an outsource solution for our mail dispatch. We were familiar with the existing offerings on the market, as well as Neopost's professionalism, which is why we made them our preferred partner for mail dispatch", explained Olivier Bouzat, Technical and Accounting Manager with C.G.S.

Neotouch: Selecting a Dedicated Property Management Solution

"We send out around 1,000 letters every month all over France, but also abroad.  We opted for Neotouch as an outsource solution, and we now use the service to send 100% of our mail. We are very happy, as we have now streamlined our mailing process: in a couple of clicks, letters are generated on our PCs, and from there Neotouch takes care of the printing, enveloping, metering and postage", explained Olivier Bouzat.

The Neotouch Syndic solution boasts a dedicated interface for the agency sector dealing with mail processing for meeting invitations, minutes or calls for contributions. It has been designed to streamline the bulk dispatch of physical and electronic mail and enables processing of priority, second class and registered mail.

"We had allocated a budget for Neotouch. However, it was nothing like that for a dedicated full-time staff member for printing, enveloping and metering of invitations/notifications. This staff member has very much welcomed the arrival of Neotouch, and can now concentrate on higher value-added activities. In addition, we have also made resulting savings on metering and postage, as Neotouch enables us to send mail items at lower postal rates", said Olivier Bouzat.

Rapid Dispatch, Traceability and Simplicity

Using this solution, C.G.S. has benefited from greater simplicity and speed of dispatch; now the agency can comply much more comfortably with statutory legal time frames for sending invitations and minutes of meetings. Furthermore, with the Neotouch Syndic interface, C.G.S. can use real time tracking of its sent mail items. Proof of registered postage for all items sent in paper or electronic format is archived online for three years, enabling cross-checks with proof of delivery and acknowledgements of receipt.

"Thanks to Neopost, 'time-consuming' no longer exists in our vocabulary when it comes to processing documents! Focusing on the core elements of our business is essential for us. We cannot afford to waste time on the dispatch of our mail items. Neotouch does not impose a limit on dispatch volumes. International mail is also correctly accounted for and it is all done automatically! Whether we are sending meeting invitations, calls for contributions, minutes of meetings, reissues or other simple letters, everything is quick, easy, efficient and compliant. The online tracking interface features customizable settings. Even a newbie can quickly figure it out!" added Olivier Bouzat.

Neotouch is an indispensable tool for any firm looking for a reliable, efficient and professional partner. "If you try it, you'll buy it", said Olivier Bouzat in conclusion.


C.G.S. is a firm that manages "single purpose" accommodation, examples of which include tourist rentals, serviced apartments, corporate accommodation, apartment hotels, student residences and accommodation for seniors. With a clear and practical approach, its services enable compliance with co-ownership regulations, as well as the handling of tasks associated with being a sole operator and manager, while respecting the rights of everyone.