Our customer, a Northeast city government housing agency, manages and administers a stock of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income tenants and public assistance tenants. This agency is responsible for ensuring properties comply with applicable regulations and codes.

Unacceptable rate of return mail

It communicates with landlords via the US Mail to schedule inspections, issue permits and consider applications. This agency has been a Neopost USA customer since 2009. The Issue During 2013, our customer was plagued by poor data, a circumstance it considered irreparable. Residents in city-owned properties would move without notification, existing-resident addresses were wrong, property lists were inaccurate, properties would be removed from its inventory and new buildings would be built which impacted the database. Inspections could not be scheduled with certainty because documents were returned for bad or incomplete addresses. Delayed deliveries and re-mailing caused frustration. Our customer wanted to reduce its unacceptably high rate of return mail so that it could increase its response rates, stop wasting inspectors' time and streamline the inspection process.

Data Quality Software

The topic of data quality surfaced during many relationship-building conversations between Neopost USA and our customer. After a deep-dive review and consultative assessment using the commLink tool to uncover problems, the Neopost USA team recommended a Neopost USA/Satori Software data quality solution.

The solution that our customer bought:

  • Reduced its return-mail rate which resulted in less re-processing and less postal waste
  • Decreased its "tenant not at home rate" for on-site inspections to a new low of 12% compared with 20% or higher before our solution was introduced
  • Increased the notification time for residents from two weeks to a comfortable and courteous three weeks thanks to the Satori software installation
  • Improved data processing efficiency because of far fewer errors and returned pieces

The Compassionate Coincidence

The Neopost USA team did not know that the Satori Software solution helped keep our customer in compliance with city, state and federal housing regulations. If the agency did not complete property inspections by specified dates, the federal Housing and Urban Development department would remove properties from our customer's housing inventory. Our team and our solution gave our customer the tools it needed to boost its main mission, providing housing to those in need. One of our team members described our customer's "energy and passion for what it does" as "infectious. It makes you want to help."