ECA Assurances needed a mail outsource partner with a solution
to help manage its fluctuating and expanding envelope traffic.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced mail processing costs
  • Improved customer relations
  • Improved database accuracy, access and management
  • Opportunity to focus employees on high-value projects
  • Traceable documents
  • An archive for renewal notices, premiums reminders and other revenue-generating documents


Business Growth Requires an Immediate Mail Outsource Solution

ECA Assurances, a French insurance company, experienced significant business growth in 2014. The volume of mail the company sent each month rose to an average of 18,000 envelopes; in some months the volume spiked to as many as 30,000 pieces. ECA Assurances needed a mail outsource partner with a solution to help manage its fluctuating and expanding envelope traffic.

Neotouch: For Reliability and Peace of Mind

“We send out thousands of renewal notices and premium reminders every month,” says Christophe Dardillac, ECA Assurances’ Information Systems Manager. “We opted for Neotouch as an outsource solution.”

The Neotouch app, a cloud portal, allows users to prepare invoices, statements, contracts and other correspondence using their existing business applications. They log-in to Neotouch, select the ideal distribution channel (email or mail or a combination of channels) and choose when to contact recipients. Neotouch does the rest.

“We send out more than 200,000 pieces of mail per year so we need to have a reliable and efficient service,” Mr. Dardillac explains. “We now send out 90 percent of our mail via the Neotouch app. We are very happy because we have streamlined our mailing process, especially when we had incorrect addresses. We have also reduced our costs through automatic grouping which gathers together all the pieces of mail to be sent to the same recipient into a single envelope. We have succeeded in saving time and reducing our outlay! And we have a very good relationship with our Neopost sales representative; if problems come up, he is always able to resolve them quickly.”

Improved Efficiency and Client Relations

ECA Assurances shed a number of time-consuming tasks after using the Neotouch app, most notably searching archive boxes for documents. Paper storage is no longer a concern. And at least one employee’s time has been profitably refocused. The person formerly responsible for stuffing envelopes has evolved professionally; he is now responsible for tasks that add greater value to the company.

“We are getting a very positive return on our very reasonable Neotouch investment,” Mr. Dardillac report happily. The biggest benefit, however, is traceable mail. “Neotouch substantially improved our client relations thanks to online mail tracking and a reduction in the amount of mail returned because of incorrect or non-existent addresses. Our customers are so much more satisfied with our service since we implemented the Neotouch app,” Mr. Dardillac explains.

“We are pleased with Neotouch and how it works to our advantage. Everyone at ECA Assurances who sends mail is happy that we installed the Neotouch solution,” Mr. Dardillac says.