D Medica sought a partner capable of solving its need-to-digitize challenge and experienced in responding to the complexities associated with digitization.

Customer Benefits

  • Economies of Scale
  • Traceability and Filing Customer Invoices
  • Easily Evolve to Digital Delivery


Digital Invoicing Legislative Requirements Create an Opportunity

D Medica, a company specializing in home-care medical services, had been assessing the performance of its invoicing process since mid-2012. The Toulouse, France-based organization used ERP software for more than 20 years. One indisputable finding became clear: existing work methods no longer met the needs and expectations of a company that sends 4,000 client invoices on 27,000 pages of business documents every month. The overwhelming volume persuaded the home-care services provider to seek a more efficient digital solution.

"We used to dread the monthly invoicing phase because we encountered numerous technical problems – paper jams, machine malfunctions, etc. In addition, we needed two people in-house to prepare envelopes and mail documents. With the imminent arrival of legislation offering incentives to adopt digital solutions, we decided to shake things up and go for a digital solution that would greatly simplify our task," recalled Antoine Dethoor, Finance and Administration Manager at D Medica.

Choosing a Digital Partner Who Values Performance

D Medica, a company with branches all across France, sought a partner capable of solving its need-to-digitize challenge and experienced in responding to the complexities associated with the preparation of physical and digital mail. Invoicing poses a considerable challenge to companies; the tiniest flaw in the process can lead to severe financial consequences. D Medica needed a service provider with unique expertise of both physical and digital document knowledge.

Neotouch by Neopost appealed to D Medica for two main reasons: it is a turnkey solution which enables incremental movement from paper mail to electronic invoicing and it is easy to implement. Neotouch automatically prints paper invoices, inserts them into envelopes, meters them and mails them. For electronic invoices, Neotouch provides a “simple” PDF solution or a PDF accompanied by an electronic signature. The digital document can be received as an email attachment or as a link to a secure website.

“We approached other suppliers before choosing Neopost as our preferred partner to get a complete picture of what the market had to offer. The Neotouch online solution attracted us for a number of reasons: ease of use of the portal by all our branches as well as clear, fixed rates that do not vary because of unmanageable data. The added benefit was that our Neopost sales rep assisted us throughout the deployment phase. That was very important for us because we like to develop a close working relationship built on trust with our service providers,” Dethoor explained.