Our customer, one of America's largest independent suppliers of natural gas and electricity, faced data quality, document composition,
document security and envelope insertion challenges in its mailroom.

Data Quality, Document Composition and Security and Envelope Insertion Challenges in the Mailroom

The energy company's existing operation was hampered by burdensome manual processes and ancient software that chewed up time and money. Our customer processed large quantities of documents using outdated composition software which caused four main problems:

  • It was archaic and unable to alter the document composition.
  • It could only accommodate jobs of uniform weight, varying-weight pieces required another job batch which led to longer mail processing periods.
  • It inhibited insertions into specific envelopes because of document intelligence and data quality deficiencies.
  • It didn't have the technical intelligence to group and sort similar addresses or fold documents into collated sets.

These inefficiencies and broken processes disqualified the energy company from the benefits of postal discounts. Our customer was ripe for a makeover to improve processes, reduce operating expenses and redirect employees' time to other tasks.

Folder Inserter for High-Volume Mail Flow and Output Management Software

Neopost USA proposed a step-by-step solution based on our customer's answers to questions about future requirements, document security improvements, marketing efforts, address quality and procedural efficiency. Neopost USA's solution included a production inserter for high-volume mail flow and output management software (featuring bar code/optical mark recognition technology) for document composition and intelligence. Satori Software's Architect, which offers tools to develop a customer-specific, automated mailing solution, resolved our customer's historical data quality problem.

The Results

Our approach fixed the customer's immediate mail processing situation and added scalable elements that would grow as business grew.

The customer's ROI

The customer was able to group all of their documents into a single run and improve postal savings along with the ability to automate more of their jobs with the new hardware and reduce labor costs.