For more than 10 years, Neopost USA has been a trusted partner to one of the nation’s largest retail home mortgage companies. Neopost USA supported its rapid growth and helped plan its future business documents processing needs.

Maintain customer service and high quality of document processing

However, our customer’s fortunate growth triggered some challenges. Specifically, our customer needed to maintain its superior level of customer service as well as a high quality of document processing despite administrative pressure caused by increased volume of workflow. Neopost USA thoroughly explored and evaluated our customer’s growth and developed solutions to support increasing capacity at each stage of growth.

Business Communications Management Growth

Initially, Neopost USA recommended the DS-200, a robust folding and inserting system, to process our customer’s more than 100,000 documents prepared, printed and mailed every month. However, as our customer grew during a few short years, so did its business communications management needs. This growth pattern gave Neopost USA another opportunity to exercise its expertise in document preparation, delivery and management. Neopost USA analyzed our customer’s workflow and compounding output and determined that it would process nearly double its previous quantity per month – nearly 200,000 documents. At this new juncture, Neopost USA underscored the importance of a long-term, holistic solution to support our customer’s growing mail volume, ultimately recommending the DS-1200 high-performance folding inserting system. Solution Neopost USA’s DS-1200 was the ideal solution to fulfill our customer’s increasing volume output. The DS-1200’s high speed and efficiency allows it to process as many as 12,000 envelopes per hour, a pace that effectively paralleled our customer’s output growth.

Parallel our customer’s output growth

The DS-1200’s efficiency benefits were qualitative and quantitative. In March 2014, one of our customer’s facilities processed more than 207,000 pieces using the DS-1200. Additionally, our customer plans to solicit extra work processing documents and mail for third-party vendors thanks to the DS-1200’s capacity and speed.

Our customer recognized an immediate return on investment. The DS-1200 requires only one person to manage it so the time required to run jobs declined dramatically. Employee-hours formerly dedicated to inefficient processing could be redeployed to productive and profitable tasks. As that shift occurs, our customer has committed to seeking Neopost USA’s knowledge and guidance to determine the best solutions for increased capacities.