Immediate satisfaction are the new normal. Retailers, distribution centers, third-party logistics providers and carriers are feeling the pressure and responding with new technology-based solutions.

The roster of shipping service providers may be different, but they share a single goal – sending and delivering orders to customers quickly and efficiently.

Determining the best shipping options for your business and your customers requires a complex balance of financial, operational and customer relations considerations. Shipping service providers must adopt a viable shipping strategy that delivers a competitive advantage while concurrently providing a superior customer experience. Done right, your shipping function can be transformed from a cost center into a revenue stream.

Download this white paper to find out how your shipping strategy can increase productivity, reduce costs and delight customers. The content of our white paper "How Shipping Software will boost your business":

  • 8 Reasons Why You Should Streamline Your Shipping Process
  • The Impact of Inventory Visibility and Control
  • Better Transport and Logistics
  • An Integrated Shipping Solution
  • Better Shipping Cost Management
  • The Role of Carriers
  • International Shipping
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Your Checklist: Shipping Software Features and Benefits