The City of Leon Valley, Texas is full service municipality offering a range of services for its 11,000 citizens. The Public Works department was interested in finding a solution that could streamline, automate and accelerate their multi-faceted billing process.

Manual mailing process drained valuable time

As a municipal water district, Leon Valley’s Public Works Department sends thousands of mail pieces per month each containing personal customer information. Documents are different colors depending on the type of communication. The Public Works Department Utility Billing Clerk, Yvonne Acuña spent half a work day each month manually preparing each mail piece. This included purchasing multi-colored paper stock, collating notices, printing communications, loading and running the inserter, as well as metering and mailing each envelope. Yvonne wanted a solution that could save the Public Works Department valuable time that could be reassigned to other responsibilities. With so many variables required to create each mail piece, there was a high probability of human error and the potential of sending the wrong document to the wrong customer. In addition, Yvonne wasn’t able to attend month end meetings due to being tied up with the administrative tasks related to completing her mailings.

Outsourcing mailing operations optimized workflow

While researching solutions, Yvonne received an email about Neotouch, a cloud-based outsourcing mail solution that could address her challenges. As an existing Neopost customer, she immediately asked for more information.  After learning more about the solution and educating her account executive on the Public Works Department’s workflow, it was explained that with some minor customization, Neotouch Document Delivery could transform her billing process from a few hours to a few mouse clicks. Yvonne was able to easily convince Public Works Director, Melinda Moritz, of the benefits of implementing Neotouch by laying out the potential savings in time and resources along with increasing productivity and efficiency in the Public Works Department’s workflow.

Public Works department is more productive and efficient

Since implementing Neotouch, Yvonne is saving $600 a month in expenses and 4-5 hours of staff time each month that she now spends addressing other critical resident issues and attending month-end meetings. Yvonne says, “Neotouch is easy-to-use, has saved us money, and has given me back more time in my work day.” Using Neotouch has also mitigated the risk of mistakenly sending the wrong notice to a customer as well as provided a way to track documents in real time. Each document is now tracked from start to finish within the Neotouch production facility, through a simple, user-friendly interface and gives Yvonne complete insight and control of her mailings every step of the way.

“With Neotouch we were able to reallocate a large portion of Yvonne’s responsibilities from time-consuming administrative tasks and re-focus her attention on key department priorities. We increased overall department productivity as well as continue to save money on billing expenses.”
Melinda Moritz – Public Works Director