DJO France is one of 16 subsidiaries of DJO Global, Inc., an American company based in southern California.

DJO Global, Inc. is a leading global provider of high-quality, orthopedic devices, with a broad range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. It also develops, manufactures and distributes a broad range of surgical reconstructive implant products. DJO is the largest non-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation device company in the United States and among the largest globally, as measured by revenues.

DJO France has a turnover of around € 90 million, approximately 15,000 active customers and a product catalog containing over 3,500 listings.

Before installing the Neotouch solution from Neopost, how did you manage your mail flow? What problems did you encounter?

Before we installed Neotouch, we prepared the dispatch of our 32,000 monthly customer invoices manually using our printers, enveloping and postage machines. Processing time for a manual dispatch was typically around one half-day per day, not including any time lost due to technical problems.

Why did you opt for Neotouch? What influenced your decision?

We decided to look at outsourcing our invoice dispatch to eliminate the need to handle this task manually. We also wanted a solution that would enable us to send both paper and electronic invoices in order to comply with regulatory changes in favor of digitization. We began by approaching four different companies. The Neotouch solution impressed us with its usability and functionality. With Neotouch, we now have a comprehensive solution that allows us to prepare both paper and electronic mail dispatch. Neotouch is also a recognized market leader in mail communication. Lastly, the after-sales service and proximity of the Neopost teams offered us reassurance.

What happened during the implementation phase of the project?

Implementation was extremely quick. From placing the order to deployment, the process took less than a month. Our aim was to ensure 50% of our invoices were sent electronically in the first year. Three months on from deployment, we have exceeded this goal and are now at 75%!

Customers who receive our invoices electronically are notified by email that their invoices are available on a secure portal, where they are stored for up to 1 year. We have also had to educate and reassure our staff about the new approach, so that they can assist and respond to the concerns of customers who may be uneasy about the change.

Were you given guidance on how to use these solutions?

We worked closely with the Neopost teams to establish specific rules, such as separate dispatch procedures for paper and electronic mail items. Training sessions for our customer account teams were completed over two days and Neopost teams conducted regular follow-ups in the week after deployment.

Has Neopost’s solution addressed the problems you faced? What have been the tangible benefits?

This project has helped to enhance DJO's dynamic and innovative brand image. We no longer have to contend with stress caused by technical problems that placed added pressure on all our departments.

We save one half-day per day in man hours. We have yet to calculate the savings from metering.

Do you plan to make any changes to your system in the future?

At present, we are looking at installing the Neotouch solution in our marketing department for their mail dispatches. In the medium term, we aim to optimize and automate invoice processing for our suppliers using the Neotouch solution.

Would you recommend the Neotouch solution?

We are very happy with the Neotouch solution and would definitely recommend it for finance departments that want to outsource the dispatch of their customer invoices.