Small Businesses Using Apps in Record Numbers


According to this Global Intuit Study "Most small businesses around the world are using the cloud and relying on apps to run their business." This piece of interesting research looked at small businesses in the following countries: the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia and found that "64 % of small businesses run in the cloud, 68 % use apps, and 66 % use a smartphone."

Using apps to Run a Business

The report goes on to say that "68 %  of small businesses in these countries are currently using mobile or web-based apps to help run their operations, eliminate administrative tasks and shift their focus to growing their business. A total of 82 % of small businesses that use apps reported using between one and six apps to run their business."

Digitized Receipts and Business Documents

There are a range of business apps on the market today that enable you to digitize your receipts, business cards,  invoices, and any type of paperwork that is important for your business. Investing in such a solution means that your data is stored securely online, and is accessible from anywhere, anytime.