Six Reasons to go Digital with E-signatures


For many businesses, digital processes end at the point where documents require signatures. Enabling customers and suppliers to sign documents digitally cuts costs and speeds up processes, freeing up staff to get on with the job of generating revenue and growing the business.  

Businesses save time and costs and improve accuracy when they automate the production of important documents. Documents are often sent electronically to customers and suppliers but getting a signed returned copy still often involves printing and faxing or posting. 

Why Drop Back to a Manual Process from a Digital One? 

This happens for contracts of all types, including sales and that puts a delay on converting the sales pipeline and bringing in revenue
When it comes to receiving signed documents, all too often companies spend time manually handling incoming post or faxes, filing paper copies or scanning them and shredding the originals. It’s an overhead of time, resource and – in the case of paper documents – physical storage space. 
There is also a large chance of manual error in the process and the electronic record of customer/supplier interactions stands to be broken if signed documents aren’t uploaded to the customer relationship management system. 

Turn the Situation around with the Simple Addition of Electronic (e-) Signatures

Customers and suppliers receiving clearly marked up documents electronically simply insert their e-signature and return. The whole process is simple, quick, maintains the electronic record and delivers a host of business benefits including:

  1. Reduced costs – postage, printing and filing costs can be dramatically reduced 
  2. Saved time – not only by cutting down on stages in the process but also by slashing the time it takes to get documents returned 
  3. Minimized errors – by taking manual steps out of the process 
  4. Reduced storage – if your business is aiming to be paperless, e-signatures are a valuable step along the way to doing away with the filing cabinets
  5. Improved relationships – customers and suppliers will appreciate not needing to be chased for the return of a document 
  6. Electronic records – the chain of customer and supplier interaction is unbroken when signed documents are simply and efficiently stored as part of a complete record  

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