Digitizing Customer and Supplier Invoices: the Advantages


Some customers and suppliers want to receive invoices by email, some by postal mail. In both cases small businesses that digitize invoice distribution can save time and money, and improve customer experience by ensuring that they are always contacted on their terms. 

The Disconnect Between Automated Invoice Creation and Manual Distribution 

Many small businesses utilize digital invoicing tools such as Intuit Quickbooks in order to generate invoices faster and more accurately. However, they then return to manual processes when sending. Invoices being sent physically have to be printed, placed in envelopes, and then taken to the post office; while invoices being sent electronically have to be individually attached to emails and then accurately addressed. Ultimately, it negates the money and time savings gained during creation. 

Enhancing the Entire Process with Digital Tools

Businesses that use a range of integrated solutions to digitize the entire invoicing function, from creation to distribution, experience a number of cost and efficiency benefits. For example, Quickbook users can plug in the NeoSendit app to automatically select whether invoices are sent via physical post or email. No more printing, filling envelopes, addressing or waiting, documents will always reach the right customer without the need for further interaction.

With these tools in place, invoices can be enhanced and personalized effortlessly, and mass batches can be distributed at the same time, with the method of delivery matching the individual customer’s needs. Moreover, employees can access and send content from any device, from anywhere, with detailed progress tracking also empowering them to see the current state of all batches. 

Small businesses that digitize the entire invoicing function will save time and money, work more efficiently and improve external communications. With the right digital application small businesses can

  1. Satisfy customer and supplier preferences for invoicing by mail or email
  2. Personalize invoices, adding color and logos to convey a professional image
  3. Monitor send and delivery status of invoices when in or out of the office
  4. Gain a single centralized access to documents and digital record of communications
  5. Reduce storage cost and space taken up by paper-based invoices
  6. Locate invoices easily without searching through filing cabinets
  7. Add document attachments as needed
  8. Save time and cost of printing and postage 
  9. Free up time to focus on growing the business

Find out more about NeoSendit and how it seamlessly integrates with Intuit Quickbooks to save your business time and money, as well as increase invoicing efficiency.