The cost of shipping is rising every year. New fees and surcharges, along with yearly rate increases and changes to how parcel weights are calculated, have conspired to create an environment where parcel costs are increasing dramatically.

Identifying areas where costs can be saved and efficiencies realized thus becomes paramount to companies in every industry.  Read Neopost’s white paper about the ten simple steps you can take—starting today—to reduce your parcel shipping costs and improve your shipping operations for your customers and recipients:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Air Waybills
  • Understand Carriers’ Annual Parcel Rate Increase
  • Determine If You Really Need Signature Delivery
  • Examine the True Delivery Need of Your Recipients
  • Create a Shipping Label Only When Needed
  • Assign Department Cost Centers/Controls for Every Shipment
  • The Thursday/Friday Factor
  • Determine the Impact of Inbound Shipments on Your Organization
  • Understand Every Surcharge
  • Educate Your Organization About Preferred Services and Carriers