Savings You Can Only Get with a Postage Meter

As a partner to more than 170,000 small businesses, we know that saving money is a top priority! That's why we get excited to let customers know that postage meter users automatically save 5 cents on every letter. Plus your mail pieces are barcoded for extra security and you can easily add shipping software to create an all-in-one solution right in your office. Apply the correct amount of postage in one swipe to one or one hundred letters—no calculating costs, no applying stamps, no trips to the Post Office.

Two Great Small Business Postage Meter Options

This affordable and user-friendly postage meter, delivers what you need at the cost you want. Plus there are added benefits of a 2 lb. postal weighing platform, and processing 18 letters per minute.

IS-280 iMeter Postage Meter
IN-360 Postage Meter

The extra processing power smaller businesses need to grow, with high-end features such as a power feeder and the ability to apply postage to 45 letters per minute!