Manage the complete chain-of-custody of inbound items

Manage inbound packages with complete tracking and accountability. Quickly log and route packages using software and scanners that record the chain of custody from carrier drop off to internal delivery. For self-service environments, Neopost parcel locker systems securely store packages for easy consumer retrieval.

Receiving and Tracking Solutions

Track inbound packages from carrier drop off to internal delivery and collect electronic signatures from employees, creating a much more efficient and accountable process that virtually eliminates lost or misplaced items.

Packcity intelligent parcel locker system securely stores packages for easy retrieval by recipients. With 24/7 access, Packcity enables people to pick up packages on their schedule. Packcity dramatically reduces the time and resources required for parcel management and provides mail centers with automatic tracking of every package drop off and pick up.

WTS Inbound Parcel Tracking System
Never lose an inbound parcel again. Track the chain of custody of your facility's inbound packages.
Packcity Parcel Lockers
Accessible 24/7, Packcity intelligent parcel lockers make parcel pick-ups fast, easy and secure.
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