Get the postage you need now and pay for it later

Welcome to the NeoFunds/TotalFunds postage finance service. We are confident that this service will simplify your postage payment process. You can print postage now and pay later, giving you greater flexibility and control in managing your business and mailing operations.

How Does Neopost USA's Postage Invoicing Program Work?

  • You download the postage that you need, whenever you need it. No need to prepay.
  • Neopost USA will pay the United States Postal Service on your behalf for the postage you request.
  • You will receive a postage invoice each month of account activity that itemizes all of the postage downloads into your mailing machine for individual monthly billing periods.
  • You can take as many as 28 days from the statement date to pay by check, ACH or online.

How Much Postage Can I Download?
Your account limits are established based on the mailing system that you have:

Mailing SystemPlan NameFree Transaction LimitTotal Account Limit
IS/IM/IN- 200-series, 300-seriesBasic PLUS$700 per monthly billing period$1,500
IS/IM/IN- 400-series, 600-series, 700-series,
5000, 5500, 6000
Advantage PLUS$4,000 per monthly billing period$8,500


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How Else Can I Use My NeoFunds Account?
Your NeoFunds account can be used to pay for supplies, meter-rental invoices, NeoShip shipping transactions and other Neopost applications.