Leasing is a popular and convenient form of business financing

One out of every three dollars of financed capital expenditures in the United States is leased and 80% of all U.S. companies lease some part of their equipment inventory. Leasing can be leveraged to acquire more capital equipment than any other form of financing.

The popularity of leasing is a direct result of the numerous benefits it provides: obsolescence protection, cash conservation and flexible payment terms.

Working with a strong, stable financial source is essential for a successful lease relationship. MailFinance was created 24 years ago and has grown into a multi-million dollar company.

MailFinance, a leasing company 100% dedicated to the mailing, shipping and document handling industry, offers the flexibility to take advantage of the most advanced equipment and systems available. Plus MailFinance ensures you have the ability to comply completely with USPS regulations.

Leasing is the best option for many businesses. Find out how which MailFinance leasing program or financing solution is right for you. Please contact your local Neopost Sales Professional.