A web-based solution to handle the preparation and delivery of your business communications in just a few clicks (Available in France, UK & US)

Mailing is Dull but We Love It

Do you find stuffing letters into envelopes tedious and would you rather spend your time on something more important?

Great. We love mailing so much that we have developed Neotouch – a cloud portal. Letting you focus on what you do best, running your business, while we take care of your mail. 

Business is Personal and so is Receiving a Message

We believe the best messages are personal, especially in a business environment, where good relationships with customers, partners and employees are so important. Knowing when to send the right letter, email, fax or SMS (we call that multichannel) to the right person at the right time is crucial. Allowing the receiver to decide how they prefer to be notified and when to access those documents, shows that you care about them.

Sending Your Business Correspondence in Just a Few Clicks

Easy for You

Taking advantage of Neotouch requires no downloads, no installations and no software integration. So, how does it work? It’s simple: you prepare your invoices, statements, contracts and reminder letters as before, using your existing business applications. Then you log in to Neotouch and select the ideal channel for your customers and choose when to contact them. For example: just by email or by mail, or through a combination of channels such as SMS notification and fax. You will only have to do this once. After that it’s stored as a preference for each customer and we will manage the rest. Automatically. Saving you valuable time and cost.

Over 90% of companies still use traditional mail. By going digital you could save up to 80% of your costs, as well as supporting the environment. No more heaps of letterheads, stamps and envelopes of varying sizes cluttering up your office space. Better still, an easy to read dashboard will give you an overview of all your invoices: received and sent; and their respective status: paid/unpaid. All with just a few clicks.

Easy for Your Customers

It’s child’s play. Customers favouring digital delivery, will receive a quick notification, after having informed you of their preferred channel (mail, email, fax or SMS), asking them to log in to the Neotouch portal – no downloads required either – where they can review their documents. And, if an invoice has been made available online, start the payment process.

Reducing print costs and speeding up approval processes, Neotouch offers digital signing to let customers add certified signatures to their documents. This electronic equivalent of a notarised, wet ink signature ensures that it has not been tampered with. Customers preferring paper based delivery will of course continue to receive everything by post or fax.

Large or Small – Size Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter to us if it’s just one or thousands of letters. We print, sort, group, stuff, meter and deliver them to the post office for you. All on the same day, giving you and your staff time to finish that important deal or answer that pressing customer enquiry.

On the Right Track

In addition to sending your business correspondence, we will also track it for you and keep you informed until it has reached the receiver. We even securely store all your messages for you, for up to 11 years, so you can track what has been sent and how it has been sent. As a result, the common excuse of not having received an invoice will be no longer valid, preventing you from spending even more time sending follow-up messages.

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