Single customer view: helping your business to avoid data duplication

A single customer view is what every business should be aiming for when it comes to data management. Having a consistent, unique set of data about individual customers that’s shared right across an organization is especially useful for marketing purposes. It’s also a crucial component of effective multi-channel communications and document output.

But how do you actually go about obtaining this unique, single customer view in the first place? Well, this is where our expert knowledge of the document and data management field, may be able to help.

Neopost has created a range of customer information management solutions that will help your business to weed out ‘dirty data’. This is a vital first step. Packages like Satori Capture and MailRoom Toolkit will carry out the various steps you need to create this unique customer view:

  • Address verification
  • Checking for duplication
  • Contact data validation
  • Address updating

Single customer view

The single customer view and master data management

Of course, the single customer view is about more than just data cleansing. As an integral element of master data management, it’s about having the tools with which to create and apply a long-term strategy for looking after your data. This implies having access to software that’s capable of enriching and updating the information you have on your customers over the course of an entire data life cycle. The single customer view is simply the end product of this process – a complete, unique record for every one of your clients.

Neopost’s long history is reflected by the vast experience it has in this area. If you’re interested in discovering more about how our products perform ‘in the field’, then why not take a look at the case studies on our corporate website.