Maximise Your Mailroom Productivity With Our Mailing System Accounting Software

Neopost mailing system with integrated accounting software allows the consolidation from multiple machines in multiple locations, the data export in the suitable format for analysis, the tracking of all postage expenses per department as well as the implementation of budget alerts if expenditure exceeds limits. Our automatic mail processing with accounting software can be used from any computer with appropriate network access. There is no need to install software on every user's PC.

A Flexible Mailing Software to Manage your Postage Expenses

Mailing system accounting software for a simplified financial analysis

Advanced data analysis comes easily with Neopost accounting system for mail services, which ensures the integrity of your mail data. Access to accurate information about changes in mail data (which changes were done, by whom and when) is made available in seconds. Simplified budget tracking of mail management is available: mail class usage, surcharges and assignment of expenses per department. To make data analysis of output management even easier, users can command graphic presentations of reports whenever they wish.

Easy mail solutions and accounting software for mail operators

With easy and flexible access to the information you need, our developed mailer software with accounting functionalities help to save time and increase the productivity of your mail center. Neopost mailing solution accounting interface is simple to use, customizable and offers support for users in 4 languages. Most common mail operator reports can be displayed, while the job is being processed. Take advantage of the data collected by Neopost mailing program and accounting software to get the best postal discounts.

Neopost's MAS (Mail Accounting Software) is an easy, flexible mailing solution to manage your postage expenses. Thanks to our mail handling accounting software, mail managers can easily realize their mail reporting and budgeting. 

  • Data is automatically updated for an absolute accuracy of your automatic mail processing.
  • Access to data is made simple via the peripheral view dashboard which provides monitoring ofmailing activity in an unobtrusive way.
  • The mail handling system offers unlimited account levels, offering mail operator access to the information they need, when and where they need it.

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