The Superior Productive Postage Meter Solution

Automatic mixed-size feeder adjusts to sort mail by size and thickness. Self-aligning rollers prevent jams or misprints. Shape-based pricing compliant dynamic scale automatically categorizes based on shape and weight, then accurately rates mail. You can handle large C4 envelopes with the 3 kg weighing platform or heavy parcels with the 35 kg scale. For any thick item, you can automatically produce a label. Add differential weighing to reduce manual processing and handling.

Optimized Mail Center Management

It is connected to the internet through high-speed connection for fast and easy updates of postal rates and software, as well as for remote diagnostics or ink alerts. The IN-700 postage meter solution helps control costs and improve processes through superior performance and exceptional productivity. Equipped with a high capacity mixed mail feeder, a high speed dynamic scale, and an intuitive full color touch screen, the IN-700 Series improves postal processing, even in the most demanding business environments.

testimonial postage meter
I would recommend this machine to other mailrooms as it’s so easy to use…. I also find it is very good value for money.

Ingrid Kube, Mailroom Supervisor at AOK




Up to 175 letters per minute


Length X Height X Depth: 1 219 x 457 x 330 mm
Length X Height X Depth (with dynamic scale): 1 651 x 457 x 330 mm

The IN-700 Series is an  Eco Label Product

The IN-700 Series is an Eco Label Product

All of this is delivered using an eco-design approach that reduces environmental impact at every www. For instance, limiting the energy consumption of our mail postage machine is achieved largely thanks to the user-friendly sleep mode

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