A Desktop Mailing System for Everyone

Combine with our new web-based accounting solution NeoStats, you can manage your mail activity smoothly. NeoStats enables graphical monitoring (bar or pie chart) of postal activities with details per mail class, operator, department... Do you need a quick overview of your mailing activity over the last year? Just look at the main dashboard!

Achieve significant postage savings

The breakdown of your mail pieces & expenses, e.g. by mail class, will help you identify opportunities for postage savings.

The IN-300 is the perfect solution for monitoring, tracking and controlling postal costs

This mail postage machine offers a high speed internet connection for new postal rates, software updates or remote diagnostics.

Smart businesses need to send out their mail without difficulty or interruption. That is why they choose the Neopost IN-300 Series. It's easy to navigate interface is intuitive enough for anybody to use.

Thanks to a wide choice of scales, the IN-300 Series is flexible enough to handle large envelopes and heavy parcels. With this new mailing system, you get access to a growing suite of services and apps to improve postal, parcel and related digital communications. Plus, all of this is delivered using an eco-design approach that reduces environmental effects at every stage.

The IN-300 Series is an  Eco Label Product

The IN-300 Series is an Eco Label Product

We limit the weight of the postal machine and the number of materials used when producing the IN-300 Series. Its packaging is 100% cardboard and fully recyclable. Today IN-300 Series packaging represents less than 20% of the total weight of the product packed. 

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