Postal meter machines: the best rates for your outgoing post

Install a postage meter machine by Neopost, the global leader in mailing solutions, and improve mail processing times and reduce postage costs for your enterprise. With a selection of innovative systems at your disposal, treat outgoing post, from 100 to 5000 items per day, easily and efficiently. Neopost adapts its design and manufacture for a truly tailor-made solution for each mailing room, from low to high volume mail production.

With affordable leasing options and privileged rates for metering, our postal meter machines offer a cost effective solution for your mailing room with up to 33% lower prices than standard stamps. You can opt for automated postage meter, monitoring and tracking of postal expenditure, manage multiple accounts online…

postage meter machine

Postal meter machines: a dynamic solution for professionals

Postal meter machines offer the speedy output and cost-effectiveness that allows you to steamline your business processes. Always benefit from the latest metering prices thanks to access to the latest rates online, as well as, add an enhanced professional finish to your company’s outgoing mail.

We invite you to discover more about our postal meter machines, leasing opportunities and the range of services by Neopost, your trusted partner for all your communication needs. If you would like any further information or would like to consult a Neopost specialist about your projects, please contact us.