Optimize your mailing room with new generation of paper folding machines by Neopost

The global leader in mailing technology, Neopost proposes a range of innovative paper folding machines for small to large scale mailing rooms.  Whether for office use or production mail, our paper folding machines are adapted to your exact requirements, ensuring a bespoke solution for your communications department.

Fold, fill and send your mail fast and accurately with Neopost, our new generation folder inserters provide the precision, speed and professional finish for your outgoing mail. Save time and manpower with an automated system for invoicing, marketing mail and newsletters; our systems also allow you mail pricing management, personalization of content and information security

For small to medium size enterprises, the Neopost office range offers compact, quiet systems with high capacity performance. Neat folding, accurate multiple sheet folding, transactional mail systems, intelligent mark reading… consult us  to identify your specific needs and select the adapted machine for your business activities.

paper folding machine

Paper folding machines: intelligent and intuitive systems for busy mailing rooms

The Neopost solutions for medium sized to high volume production mail offer easy management and productivity. Each folder inserter offers a range of options, high capacity stacking, high speed output, code reading capabilities... versatile, easy to use and modular designs permit us to respond accurately to the needs of a dynamic, high volume mailing activity.  

Discover the features of our paper folding machines, leasing options and on-going, permanent support services for our customers. If you would like any further information about our solutions and services, do not hesitate to contact us.