Get the Best from Your Folder Inserter to Enhance Your Customer Communications

The OMS-200 software solution simplifies and centralizes the preparation of all your customer communications for our folder inserters.

Does the number of pages for your invoices vary depending on your customers? Are your pay slips 1, 2 or 3 pages long depending on your staff? Do you want to add an additional document depending on particular criteria?
Neopost proposes the solution with the optical mark reader option combined with the OMS-200 software for all folding and inserting systems.

OMS-200 enhances documents providing control and intelligence for the Neopost folding and inserting machine, allowing automated collation, folding, insertion and sealing.

Automatically Fold and Insert: Security and Reliability

How does it work?

The optical mark reader head installed on the folding and inserting system reads and interprets the Barcodes printed on the pages of your documents. Controlled automatically, your Neopost folding and inserting system will always know how to securely insert the correct documents into the correct envelopes!
The OMS-200 software is used to generate your barcodes on your documents with great simplicity, without affecting your invoicing and payroll applications and software! All you have to do is collect your flow of printouts (pay slips, invoices, etc.) in PDF format and let yourself be guided by the software to know how to carry out complex management of your documents in just a few minutes (Multi-spools depending on the format of your envelopes, selective appendix, etc.)

Accurate and personalised mail

Can you ensure the integrity and security of your business-critical customer communications today? Ensuring the proper documents reach the correct recipient is vital in today's business climate. Having a solution that guarantees the security of your mail pieces provides you and your customers with peace of mind.

OMS-200 is the easy and cost effective way to automate and manage mail output, ensuring the right mail always goes to the right person. You can set up printing, folding and inserting with just a few clicks.

Optional Module: Multi-Envelope Print Batches

Sorts documents into print batches, depending on the number of sheets in each document; for example, documents with between one and three sheets might be printed in batch A, documents with four to eight sheets in batch B, and documents with more than eight sheets in batch C.
Separate print for small and large batches increases efficiency, each batch can then be inserted into the appropriate envelope size, minimising postage and envelope costs.

Process Management

Process Management

Easily integrates with Neopost folder inserters to create an automated and efficient mailing process. Add barcodes in seconds to control inserting systems for reliable and flexible content management. Handles multi-size, multi-page jobs with varying page counts Optional module utilises (2D) Data-matrix barcoding

Communications Quality & Security

Communications Quality & Security

Maximize integrity and security with unique customer ID data. Replace manual processing by automation for better quality communications. Using search text within page, you can add selective documents or promotions for customers. Intelligent barcode ensures security - the right document to the right person every time.

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