November 20, 2015

Top Tips for Effective Invoicing for Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs, Invoices, Invoicing

For companies of any size, invoicing is a vital aspect of conducting business.

Essential for ensuring a regular flow of capital, it’s an even more important process for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that don’t have the financial resources of their larger counterparts. If payments are regularly late, they are often forced to consider expensive alternative sources of finance in order to settle their own bills. The importance of a streamlined procedure that produces consistently accurate invoices cannot therefore be underestimated.

However, while implementing an efficient invoicing process may seem simple on paper, here at Neopost we realize that things aren’t always as straightforward.
We have seen first-hand the challenges many SMEs face when it comes to being paid on time. As such, we’ve created this whitepaper to help businesses address these challenges, and put in place steps that will ensure invoices are created, sent and tracked more efficiently, giving SMEs back some control.


Read this white paper entitled "Ten Top Invoicing Tips for Small and Medium Enterprises" to learn more about:

  • Challenges of invoicing
  • Multiple types of invoice
  • 10 tips that will put you in charge of your invoicing process