July 4, 2014

LibanPost equipped with Neopost Automated Mail Sorting Machines

LibanPost equipped with Neopost Automated Mail Sorting Machines

Bagneux, France (July 4, 2014) –The introduction of the machines will help to increase the quality of postal services offered and provide a more professional mail delivery service”, said Dr Mohammad Youssef, representing H.E. Boutros Harb, Minister of Telecommunications.

Neopost ID, a Neopost group company that develops and runs Shipping and Supply Chain traceability solutions, recently showcased two automated mail-sorting machines in LibanPost’s Beirut Sorting Center located in the Rafik Hariri International airport area. The machines were put into operation on June 12, 2014.

This initiative is part of LibanPost’s plan to improve its operational efficiency and provide traceability for regular mail processing and distribution in Lebanon.

These new mail sorting machines are equipped with integrated automatic reading and video coding functions and represent the leading technology of sorting equipment. They save space and operation costs for LibanPost, while providing a more flexible configuration and optimized processes. They enhance efficiency and productivity by handling up to 10,000 letters per hour each. High throughput and low jam rate ensure that LibanPost can now meet the mail handling volume needs in Lebanon, which exceeds tens of thousands of items every day.

Lorenzo Benedetto, General Manager of Postal Services at Neopost, said that they “are pleased to be partnering with LibanPost, who is renowned as a pioneer in postal services in the region, to bring the automated mail sorting center to Lebanon. We hope that this will be the first amongst many other cooperation endeavors in the future.”


Khalil Daoud, Chairman and Managing Director of LibanPost, added, “We are proud to be the first postal operator to automate regular mail in the Middle East. This is the beginning of a new chapter in postal innovation in Lebanon and we are thrilled to be the ones writing it. The automation of mail processing and sorting will allow LibanPost to run more efficiently, more accurately, and to secure more innovative operations. This will lead to a capacity increase in mail distribution, and therefore higher customer satisfaction”.