May 27, 2011

Neopost Slashes Mailroom Costs with Printmachine Enterprise

Output Management software

Neopost is a global expert in addressing, franking and inserting systems, software and services. With products and services marketed in 90 countries and subsidiaries in 18 countries, Neopost is number 1 in Europe and number 2 in the world in mailroom equipment. So when Neopost Switzerland needed to improve its own mailroom efficiency, its own market-leading solutions were the natural choice.

Software PrintMachine

Help was needed because the company’s BusinessBase ERP system lacked the print management features required to efficiently automate mailroom tasks. Without automation, staff had to handle invoice production, envelope insertion and mailing completely manually. Their task was complicated by the need to archive all invoices, which meant more manual work to duplicate and sort invoices in number order. As staff discarded the expensive tear-off payment slips on each duplicate invoice, this process was wasteful as well as time-consuming. On top of that, the warehouse required a waybill in order to ship customer orders. As this had to be emailed as a digital file, staff followed another cumbersome manual procedure to print, and then scan each waybill before discarding the original.

Print Machine Enterprise Offers easy Mailroom Automation

To improve their print management, Neopost Switzerland decided to integrate PrintMachine Enterprise with their BusinessBase ERP system. As this was the first time the two systems had been used together, the IT department built a new module for BusinessBase; now deployment is as simple as plugging in PrintMachine with no changes at all needed in BusinessBase. Then the administration team, headed by Leader Daniel Meier, worked with the IT department to configure the mailroom processes they required in PrintMachine Enterprise.


“Installing and setting up PrintMachine was easy,” says Marcel Canclini, IT Manager at Neopost Switzerland. “And by using the PrintMachine for BusinessBase XML Module, all the configuration and set-up can be done in PrintMachine without any need to touch BusinessBase.”

Faster, More Efficient and Happy Staff

As the document output managment software and hardware in the combined solution is all Neopost, everything works together smoothly – just as it was designed to. PrintMachine employs bar codes to automate the mailing process, meaning that multiple invoices to one client can be sent within one envelope. Duplicate archive invoices are now printed and sequenced automatically, while PrintMachine generates PDF waybills and emails them to the warehouse without human intervention, reducing a five-step process to one step.

As well as massively quicker processes (printing, invoicing and inserting times were reduced by up to 50 per cent), postage cost reductions and more professional mailing standards, Neopost Switzerland now prints tens of thousands of pages fewer every year. This all adds up to an estimated 121,500 CHF of savings over five years.
As well as the bottom-line benefits, the staff are very happy about the changes too. No longer do they have to deal with cumbersome, manual and repetitive low-level tasks that devalue their skills. “The use of PrintMachine saves us in Back Office a lot of time and resources in our daily business,” says administrative employee Lukas Stierli. “We don’t have to think about printing invoices any more, as PrintMachine takes care of the proper workflow and order.”
“As a managing director, who would you go to in order to find savings of 121,500 CHF?” concludes Julien Gattoni, Managing Director of Neopost Switzerland. “Cost savings Consultants perhaps? Who has delivered it? Neopost, the experts in the generation, production and distribution of business-critical documents.”