March 3, 2017

NeoCRM Helps CHQ Properties Efficiently Manage Customer Interactions

NeoCRM Helps CHQ Properties Efficiently Manage Customer Interactions

CHQ Properties is an independent estate agency that specialises in residential sales and lettings in Loughborough, Shepshed and surrounding areas of North West Leicestershire. Established in 2015, it prides itself on providing outstanding service through the 100-250 customer interactions it handles every week.


  • Challenge Estate agency CHQ Properties wanted to streamline its customer handling and contacts management to save staff time and be more efficient.
  • Results All staff now work from one source of up-to-date information which records all customer interactions, automatically adds online enquiries and can be accessed in the office or on the go.

  • Solution NeoCRM records and manages all customer interactions, provides full visibility into the sales pipeline and allocates tasks.
  • Method Neopost explained how NeoCRM addresses the challenge of customer relationship management, transferred data from earlier manual systems and continues to stay in touch. 

Paper Processes are Unreliable and Inefficient

For CHQ Properties, the priority is to serve customers exceptionally well and that means handling their queries quickly and managing their sale, lease or purchase efficiently. The system of recording customer details and managing contacts is central to CHQ Properties’ operations. But the spreadsheets they were using to manually record customer names, addresses and contact details was inefficient, as was recording customer interactions to pass on to colleagues on bits of paper that could easily get misplaced. Instant customer data retrieval was almost impossible. 

We’d outgrown spreadsheets and scribbled notes as a way of managing customer contacts,” said Darren Hickman, managing director, CHQ Properties. “As we expanded, a single central source of information on customers and contacts for all staff to access became even more important. We need to find information quickly and we need it to provide a full and detailed history of all customer interactions. We needed something designed for the job.

Understanding Customer Needs is Vital 

CHQ Properties understood that it required a new tool and processes that could match the company’s growth. From its online research it discovered favourable customer reviews of Neopost. This was important as, a small business itself, it wanted the same kind of personal touch from its supplier that it gives to its own customers. The Neopost product set and professional services approach appealed, as did its clear understanding and knowledge of the needs of small businesses. 

Neopost was the obvious choice for us,” said Harry Bicknell, letting agent, CHQ Properties. “From the high number of customer reviews and testimonials, it was clear that the company had a strong history of helping out organizations like ourselves. Neopost understood the challenges we were facing and made suggestions that have really made a difference to us.

Cloud-Based, Secure and Accessible from Anywhere solutions Now a Must

Neopost recommended NeoCRM to record and manage customer interactions, as well as automate the manual process that were a drain on resources. It provides full visibility into the sales pipeline – enabling CHQ Properties to track and evaluate the current status of all open opportunities – automatically adds data from online enquiries, and allows customers to be contacted via their preferred method. Moreover, it’s cloud-based, meaning staff can access it both in and outside the office – ideal for busy estate agents visiting properties for sale and showing properties to prospective buyers.

To be effective in this business you’ve got to dedicate time to customers, clients and potential buyers,” added Darren Hickman. “Neopost recommended an ideal customer handling solution that has helped us to be more efficient and to spend our time on customers and clients, instead of records management and administration.

Automated Processes and a Central Repository of Data to Streamline Operations

The transition to NeoCRM was quick and straightforward. At the initial enquiry stage a Neopost expert talked CHQ Properties through the options and explained how the solution works. Neopost also transferred existing data from spreadsheets and emails into the new system so the company could start using it immediately, and checks in regularly to make sure the estate agency is getting the full range of benefits.  

CHQ Properties has benefited from having its contacts all in one place; they’re easily searchable, non-duplicated and accessible from anywhere, not just in the office and on any device. Enquiries that come in online are automatically uploaded to the system, saving staff time in data entry and ensuring accuracy.

The application clearly displays all of our scheduled appointments, as well as any that could arise in the near future,” said Bicknell. “It also displays all of the information about those opportunities, enabling us keep on top of things and turn them into something beneficial for the company.

NeoCRM presents the information in a really easy-to-use way,” added Hickman. “The insight it gives into the sales pipeline is invaluable to our business growth. Furthermore, its scalability means we won’t outgrow it. NeoCRM will continue to empower us.

CHQ Properties plans to continue streamlining its operations, particularly when it comes to financial management. It currently utilises NeoCRM solely for managing sales and letting, but the application’s ability to seamlessly link with other business tools means it can also enhance document production and management within the sales cycle.  

Customer Feedback 

NeoCRM has empowered us to improve customer service dramatically,” continued Harry Bicknell. “Our old processes were just so time consuming, we were bogged down and didn’t have the resources to truly focus on serving customers. Now we are able to add, process and retrieve customer and property details instantly, we’ve got all the information at our fingertips. The application has made us a more efficient and better estate agent.

I would definitely recommend NeoCRM to others because it is very user-friendly, handles all customer interactions and can be accessed wherever it’s needed, whether in the office or on the go,” said Hickman. “Quite simply, it does everything a small business needs.”