January 23, 2017

NeoCRM empowers home improvement specialist to build better customer relationships

NeoCRM by Odoo empowers home improvement specialist to build better customer relationships

Meeting Green Contractors Ltd, an award winning home improvement specialist contractor. Family run and with more than a decade’s experience, the company’s 15 dedicated specialists manage home improvement projects from design right through to complete installation. 


  • Challenge Green Contractors was relying on manual processes to track customers and leads, resulting in lost opportunities
  • Results The company has now automated the monotonous processes and has full visibility of its sales pipeline. This has made it more efficient and has enhanced its customer communications, sales and forecasting.

  • Method Green Contractors received a Neopost process audit which identified the company pain points, and Neopost recommended NeoCRM.
  • Solutions NeoCRM is a powerful cloud-based application that automates process and provides full visibility of the sales pipeline.

Disjointed processes resulting in lost sales

Green Contractors receives many of its sales opportunities through referrals from satisfied customers and its website. However, the company relied on disjointed and time consuming manual processes when logging and tracking new prospects. The entire operation involved multiple occurrences of data re-entry. For example, customer appointments needed to be manually added to the office diary on an individual basis, while databases had to be updated to reflect the information received in emails and on the phone. Furthermore, while the firm had an accounting solution in place, it was finding it difficult to track sales. This lack of visibility into the sales pipeline was resulting in lost opportunities

As demand for our home improvements services grew, more and more time of our time was wasted manually updating our databases,” said Alex Zorba, director at Green Contractors. “I also spend a good proportion of my week visiting existing and potential customers so it’s absolutely vital that our office calendar is accurate. The problem with our previous, manual system was we couldn’t update the diary entries quickly enough, it was so cumbersome and time-consuming. We were at risk of missing last minute appointments or turning up to ones that had been cancelled or postponed.

Simple set-up and onboarding 

Recognising that he needed to streamline operations for him and his team, Alex approached Neopost to request an audit of Green Contractors’ processes. Neopost’s specialists ran through the company’s procedures and identified the major pain points; the manual re-entry of customer data and a lack of oversight into correspondence with individual customers. Neopost recommended that a customer relationship management (CRM) would streamline these processes. After careful consideration, Green Contractors’ opted to deploy NeoCRM, a Neopost solution specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller companies. 

Initial set-up was simple, taking just a few days. Neopost provided high-level support throughout the implementation process and is available to provide round-the-clock assistance even now the solution is deployed. Dedicated specialists walked the team through the application, ensuring all employees knew how to use all of the integrated features to their full extent. Furthermore, Neopost uploaded four years of the company’s historical data to the solution. This empowered the firm with an immediate view of its sales pipeline, as well as previous activity. The data was stored in a number of formats, including spreadsheets, emails and accounting software files. 

The service provided at the start was great and implementation was really quick. Our account manager was very helpful and walked us through the process step-by-step; it was very easy to follow and required no technical knowledge from anyone on our team,” said Mark Jellyman, head of admin. 

Powerful cloud-based, easy-to-use application

NeoCRM is a powerful, cloud-based application that automates processes and enables companies to effortlessly track leads, close opportunities and create accurate sales forecasts. It provides them with full visibility of their sales pipelines, empowering their sales teams to track and prioritise the best leads. Developed with ease-of-use and compatibility as prioritises, the application seamlessly integrates with popular back-office programs, such as Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook.

Integrated into the solution is a feature called ‘Discuss’, as well as the capability to leave notes. These functions allow employees to send each other internal messages or leave comments on specific customers or opportunities. Both help boost collaboration between staff and ensures that everyone working on a particular project is always up-to-date. 

It also has a ‘Chatter’ function which enables employees to communicate with customers directly from the app. All messages, including the customer responses, are displayed on the same interface so any employee can login to see the latest communication with each customer.  This information can also be linked to an email address, so staff receive an automatic email message even when the customer gets in contact via Chatter.  

Full visibility of the sales pipeline and process automation 

NeoCRM has drastically reduced the amount of time the Green Contractors’ team spends tracking and logging opportunities, customer enquiries and sales. The solutions’ ability to automate parts of the process means the team no longer has to spend their valuable time on re-entering data.

As NeoCRM provides complete visibility of the sales pipeline, Alex and Mark can easily prioritise opportunities to ensure the right resources are being invested at the right time in order to conclude deals. The integrated calendar means the team no longer has to manually add meetings to the diary – it is now updated automatically. Furthermore, the Chatter function enables everyone at Green Contractors to see exactly what has happened on each customer account, enabling anyone to pick-up the baton when a customer calls, emails or messages. This reduces the likelihood of lost sales.

The Neopost solution is really easy to use. Creating items such as sales forecasts is simple and the entire solution is very accessible,” said Jellyman. “We use the integrated calendar to stay on top of leads and customers appointments; we now know exactly when to reach out and everyone on the team can see the same information.” 

Customer feedback 

The entire experience with Neopost has been incredibly positive,” said Zorba. “Mark or I speak with the Neopost service team on a regular basis to ensure we are continuing to get the most from NeoCRM.” 

We’re really benefiting from the application, and so are our customers. The resources we’re saving are being reinvested in improving the services we provide. In fact, we’re so impressed, we’re considering the application for our sister company, as it will undoubtedly benefit its operations too.