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Welcome to our first blog post. This is an important day in Neopost's history as today we launched our new brand positioning.  This move reflects our role in a fast moving digital world and is aligned with our evolving business strategy.

A New Slogan
Our vision of an evolving environment is summarized by our new slogan: «Send. Receive. Connect». This slogan communcates our role as a link creator, that guides and supports organizations in how they send and receive communcations and goods, helping them to better connect with their customers. In everything we do, we strive to help people share and exchange. We make our customers’ interactions more responsive and more powerful – and our products and solutions, both historical and future, allow people to work better together.

A New Logo

Like our previous logo, the new logo is based on the letter «N» for Neopost – but it has been reinterpreted and reinvigorated for the multichannel age. It visually suggests the symbol for mail or email, as well as the infinity symbol – reflecting our mission to create never-ending interactions through relevant communications. It features a rounded typeface with soft edges to appear more friendly and closer to our customers.


A New Color

The new Neopost green makes us stand out from the competition and evokes growth, harmony and safety. Growth because we are an evolving group. Harmony because we are recognized for our human values. And Safety as our customers see us as a trusted advisor.


People First
We think of our customers not as organizations, but as individuals with specific needs. We strive to be there for them every step of the way, supporting their business through changes in the way they communicate and helping them turn challenges into opportunities. We respect them, reassure them and guide them to do better business through stronger relationships.

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