The Secret Sauce of Innovation


This great article by Don Peppers talks about a problem that was sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the UK’s Royal Astronomical Society. They were all in search of a new mathematical algorithm capable of breaking down the distortions caused by dark matter in the photographic images of galaxies.

A Cambridge University student who had no background in astronomy put forward an algorithm that turned out to be considerably more predictive than what was already in use. Shortly after, a graduate student with absolutely no astronomical background, posted a different algorithm that demonstrated accuracy even more. And almost simultaneously afterwards a mainly non-astronomical university team from Australia and Qatar improved on the algorithm again. This clearly demonstrates that diverse perspectives can have extremely innovative results.

Innovative Hardware and Software for Business Correspondence

This inspiring idea of combining different approaches is aligned with Neopost's commitment to breaking the mold and finding new ways to stand out. We are inquisitive, creative and resourceful and have a talent for identifying new opportunites for our customers. Our range of innovative hardware and software solutions help our customers embrace technology-driven trends, enabling them to communicate with their customers more efficiently.

New Technologies for Better Customer Communications

Neopost believes in keeping ahead of the game and that is why we dedicate as much as 5% of our revenue to research and developement. We also have 500 research engineers working on future generations of systems, software, infrastructure and networks.

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