Swedish Online Sales Grow by 18 % in Q2 2016

Swedish Online Sales Grow by 18 % in Q2 2016


According to CEP-Research  "Swedish e-retail sales grew by 18% during the second quarter of 2016, while the growth forecast of 16% for the whole year is being maintained with sales to exceed SEK 58 billion (€6.07 billion)". This is based on a report carried out by e-commerce association Svensk Digital Handel and HUI Research, conducted in cooperation with PostNord. 

The Boom in E-Commerce

The report goes on to say that "the largest growth drivers during the second quarter of this year turned out to be the construction trade and food sector (supermarkets) with growth rates of 38% and 37% respectively. Other product categories with strong sales in Q2 2016 were clothing and footwear (+36%), sports and leisure (+29%) and media products (+27%)."

Momentum in the Parcel Delivery Market

This boom in e-commerce is generating sweeping changes in the parcel market. Volumes are increasing,  consumers are getting more and more demanding and logistics are becoming more complex. This is where Neopost comes in. Our expertise in managing parcel logistics with dispatch, tracking and reporting solutions facilitates parcel management and serves the needs of both shippers and carriers.

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