e-shopper satisafaction

Shopper Satisfaction Across the Globe


People are shopping in different ways today and it affects how they recieve their packages. In 2013 United Parcels Service (USP) partnered with comScore, a data analysis company, to explore global consumer shopping preferences. This study provides insights into how logistics, shipping and post purchase services impact the customer experience.

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Shopper satisfaction levels around the world range between 71% and 83%, with the exception of Asia, which averages 50%. The higher levels of satisfaction are experienced by U.S. and U.K. shoppers. Customer preferences at check-out vary but need to be analyzed in order to understand why people abandon their carts. Consumers in Canada are willing to trade speed for cost due to shipping prices, while those in Europe and Asia are less likely to do so. Omnichannel options are important particularly as consumers across the world have different retailer access preferences. Online shoppers in Europe (79%), Asia (79%) and Mexico (77%) prefer to access retailers via a digital channel. A third of online shoppers in the U.S., Australia and Canada prefer to access their prefered retailer in store as opposed to online. Omnichannel fulfillment can greatly enhance the customer experience, making it faster and better.


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