No App? Your Business Might Be Falling Behind

No App? Your Business Might Be Falling Behind


This article from DYNAMIC BUSINESS explains that: "Apps are a customer’s go-to throughout the day, when they want to find out information, buy new products, communicate with co-workers or issue work orders seamlessly."

The growing importance of apps for businesses is emphasized when the article goes on to say that: "Companies without dedicated apps are simply being frozen out of the market, unable to keep up with industry and technological changes. Far more than a website, mobile apps are fast becoming indispensable parts of a business’s process, structures and marketing mixes."

We at Neopost believe that apps have a major role to play and recognize the fact that mobile customers are becoming increasingly demanding. Our apps have been designed to help small business owners run their companies and enable them to, for example, send clear and complete quotations to  prospects while on the go. 

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