Infographic: How Would You Describe Your Mail Center?

Infographic: How Would You Describe Your Mail Center?


Generally speaking there are two types of mail center - a basic mail center that manages small volumes of mail and a major mail center that manages a full suite of mailing and shipping processes - both for incoming and outgoing mail and parcels. A basic mail center doesn’t have a dedicated Mail Center Manager. And it most likely has envelope stuffing and postage meter machines in a centralized location. A major mail center however has a dedicated Mail Manager and staff that are involved in managing the entire mailing and shipping operations.

The Rise in Parcel Delivery

Following the growth in e-commerce, more and more parcels are being sent out by mail centers via a range of carriers. And organizations that handle a lot of parcel shipping like to have a large mail center in order to centralize this activity.

Check out our infographic for quotes from mail center experts and key parcel delivery figures from the U.S. Postal Service. 


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