Data Protection

How to Protect Your Data


As we move into a digital environment where people care more about what happens to their personal information, data protection is becoming a priority. The Snowden leaks (related to the National Security Agency in the US and its surveillance activities) and the level of public debate that followed highlight just how important data privacy has become for citizens and enterprises around the globe.

A large amount of information is now being collected on people, so rules need to be put in place in order to control all of the metadata being pulled together from various sources. This sets the stage for companies to re-think their business model and decide how to use data to improve products and services. Data should be viewed as an asset and, although there are no clear rules on how to value it from an accounting perspective, it should be included in the balance sheet at some point. The data protection legislation planned for Europe will offer opportunities for enterprises that treat data as an asset - an asset with a value. The planned regulations will put more emphasis on data ownership and the need for governance in order to ensure data is handled correctly and stays current.


Check out our infographics on data protection. Click on the images to find practical ideas that can help organizations comply with data protection legislation.





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