Cut the Costs of Physical Mail

How to Cut the Costs of Managing Your Physical Mail


Managing your storage and inventory of letterhead, forms, brochures, catalogues, price lists and more is an important aspect of your customer communications operations. Due to the rapid growth in digital communications the cost of managing hard copies has been reduced as more enterprises are sending less physical mail. However businesses cannot eliminate physical mail entirely from their communications strategy. So what can you do to keep the costs of your paper-based customer communications to a minimum?

Document Inventory

Look around any office and you will see cupboards, filing cabinets and sometimes  entire rooms filled with stationery, pre-printed forms and  brochures. There is a tendency for a lot us to view inventory as an unavoidable cost of doing business. But today, with the growth in digital substitution, it is no longer necessary to tie up your enterprise’s money in documents that could well become out of date before they are ever used.


Document Templates

Documents output management solutions let you create and use electronic templates that remove the need for pre-printed forms. Form-based documents, such as invoices, can be created and output onto plain paper or distributed electronically as part of a unified digital workflow.


On Demand Printing

Digital printing technology reduces, and in some cases removes, the need to hold inventory of pre-printed documents.


Office Multifunction Printers (MFPs)

Integrated hard disks or one-touch access to cloud storage completely remove  the need to pre-print and store stationery and business forms, such as business letterhead,  holiday or expenses forms.  You can even produce color brochures in-house and on-demand using entry-level production models.


Digital Print Technology

Because digital printers don't have the high set-up costs of  traditional presses, businesses  that continue to outsource the  production of everything from  brochures to business cards can order shorter print runs, which  reduces storage requirements and minimizes waste when documents become out-of-date.


Color Envelope Printers.

Envelope printers can be used to print more than just a name and address. Speed color envelope printers can be used to print an image in its entirety, removing the need to pay for and stock pre-printed envelopes, or overprint a

partially pre-printed envelope.


Postage  Machines

In addition to the postal mark, certain  models of postage machines can  print pre-paid return envelopes on blank envelopes, as well  as marketing messages and company logos.


Centralized Customer Communications

For businesses with multiple sites, branch offices or remote workers, local inventory and storage needs can be reduced by centralizing the production of customer communications. Files can be routed electronically to a remote processing center where they can be printed on letterhead and inserted into envelopes along with centrally held marketing material.




As well as saving money that would otherwise be tied up in inventory, reducing stocks of pre-printed stationery and marketing material frees up storage space. Addressing how you receive customer communications, in particular in-bound mail, can have an even greater impact on storage requirements. Instead of opening the post and distributing the physical contents, more and more organizations are choosing to scan inbound mail at point of entry and route files electronically. This has many benefits, including a significant reduction in local file storage. An added benefit of digitizing inbound mail is reduced paper costs, as electronic document distribution and processing reduce the need to print or  copy.


By reducing the amount of money tied up in inventory and minimizing the amount of space needed to store material  you will be able to save money and retain easy access to business-critical documents such as sales orders, invoices and receipts.


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