Global Ecommerce Payment Market to Grow 16% by 2020

Global Ecommerce Payment Market to Grow 16% by 2020


This report published by Multichannel Merchant confirms that: "The global eCommerce payment market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.42 percent by 2020."

Mobile Payment Solutions

The article goes on to say that: "Mobile payment solutions have emerged as useful, seamless and convenient alternatives for consumers who prioritize efficiency when making online transactions."

Strong Momentum in the Parcels Market

The e-commerce boom is generating sweeping change in the parcels market. Volumes are increasing, the online activity of retailers is expanding, recipients are getting more and more demanding and the issue of last-mile logistics is getting tougher than ever. The needs of shippers, carriers and recipients are in continuous flux as they are looking for ever greater flexibility, visibility and productivity.

We, at Neopost, work to facilitate parcel management and have substantial expertise in managing parcel logistics with dispatch, tracking and reporting solutions. 

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