Global ecommerce Market Worth $22 trillion

Global ecommerce Market Worth $22 trillion


According to this article from The Economic Times the global ecommerce market is worth approximately $22.1 trillion. The report provided by UNCTAD (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) confirms that "China is the world's largest business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce market, both in terms of sales and in number of online shoppers, followed by the US and Japan."   

A Massive Increase in Parcel Delivery

This boom is generating sweeping changes in the parcel delivery market. Volumes are increasing, online activity is growing for retailers and customers are becoming more and more demanding; The needs of shippers, carriers and recipients are in continuous flux as everyone is looking for greater flexibility, visibility and productivity.

Facilitating Parcel Shipping

The parcel market momentum is demonstrated by our commitment to helping companies meet the new needs stemming from the rise in ecommerce. Our expertise in managing parcel logistics with dispatch, tracking and reporting solutions has enabled us to strengthen our offer with parcel management solutions and shipping software that serve the needs of both shippers and carriers.  


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