Europe is Operating at Only 12% of Its Digital Potential

Europe is Operating at Only 12% of Its Digital Potential


This report from the McKinsey Global Institute confirms that Europe is operating below its digital potential. But what does this actually mean? According to McKinsey  "digital intensity means the degree to which digitization drives sectors and firms." 

Digital Transformation in Europe and the U.S. 

The research reveals that there is a huge difference between various countries in Europe  when it comes to digitization. "While France is operating at 12% of its digital potential, Germany is at 10%  and the United Kingdom is at 17%. The report goes on to explain that: "Europe underperforms on its digital potential relative to the United States."

Digitization and Economic Growth  

Going digital offers all sorts of business opportunities. And as the report points out: "Accelerating digitization could add trillions of euros to economic growth in less than a decade."

Digitization per Industry Sector 

It also depends on what industry sector you are looking at. As the report highlights: "The information and communications technology (ICT) sector is at the digital frontier, closely followed by media and finance."

A Global Drive for Digitization 

Part of Neopost's business strategy today is focused on accelerating growth in digital communications and we are working closely with our customers all around the world to help them accelerate digital interactions with their customers and suppliers. 

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