Drone Delivery for Rural Ireland

Drone Delivery for Rural Ireland


Listen to this inspiring podcast from the Irish Independent's Ready Business show, aimed at start ups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) looking for inspiration. This episode features entrepreneur John Tuohy, co-founder of one of Ireland’s leading logistics companies, Nightline.  John talks about his business and explains how it grew from two people in a spare bedroom to over 800 employees and 40,000 parcels handled daily. 

Parcel Delivery

John is recognized as a thought leader in the logistics sector and talks about the importance of making parcel delivery convenient for consumers, the use of parcel lockers and the fact that drones will be part of rural Ireland's future delivery landscape. John says “I think drone delivery will be happening.  It might not be happening anytime soon but you could see it developing in locations that aren’t built up.”

This strong momentum in the parcels market is aligned with our decision to position Neopost as a facilitator of parcel management and shipping software solutions and to meet the needs stemming form the rise of e-commerce.    

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