Digitization is Not Just About Building an App

Digitization is Not Just About Building an App


This article by Craig Terblanche, OutSystems South Africa Regional Director, published by BizNis Africa explains that: "the advent of mobile platforms has enabled businesses to interact with consumers, using data and information as assets. Increasingly, companies seem to believe that building a digital strategy is all about creating an app. This is however, not the same as driving a digital transformation." 

The Customer Journey

The piece highlights the importance of the customer journey, i.e. how a customer interacts with a brand, from initial contact through purchasing, after sales support and hopefully onto repurchase.

Apps for Business or Customer Needs?

The article goes on to say that: "More and more apps are created because they serve business needs and fail to recognize those of the customer. This is because the process isn’t started with the end user, but rather with the technology and how it serves company objectives. Businesses are looking at things inside out instead of outside in to serve end customer objectives."

User-Friendly Digital Solutions

We at Neopost believe that digitalization is a source of performance and competitiveness. And numerous small companies agree with this. However they are held back by the complexity of the tools themselves and the complexity of integrating them into their specific IT environments. Everyday use is a key factor for customers. They are looking for simplicity, easily accessible solutions, autonomy and a limited financial commitment. 

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