CRM: Key Facts and Figures

CRM: Key Facts and Figures


According to 18 CRM Statistics You Need to Know for 2016, by Mark Taylor from SuperOffice(1): “The CRM industry sector is growing at a staggering rate and in 2015, we saw increased use of CRM software on mobile devices. This was aided by businesses increasingly adopting cloud-based CRM solutions, allowing their employees to access software anywhere they go on the smart device of their choice.” Mark’s article provides the following statistics: 

CRM Growth Not Slowing Down

  • A forecast from Gartner anticipates that the customer relationship management market will be worth $27.5 billion worldwide in 2015. Rising to $37 billion by just 2017.
  • We can see that CRM software leads this technology investment, with 49% of businesses planning to increase spending.

Access to CRM via Multiple Devices

  • 48% of CRM users now access their software from a smartphone, with 45% accessing from a tablet.
  • Although this figure is still lower than that from a laptop or desktop, this rising use from mobiles and tablets means that 81% of users are now accessing their CRM software from multiple devices.

Increase in Cloud-Based Solutions

  • It’s this increasing need to access software from multiple devices and locations that has led to the rise of using cloud-based CRM solutions.
  • We can see that 6 years ago only 12% of businesses used cloud-based CRM – This figure has now increased to 87%!

2016: The Year of the Customer

  • All of these statistics and research point towards 2016 being the year of the customer.
  • We live in a world where 80% of consumers will research your product online before making a purchase, 87% will use their mobile device to shop and will use several channels to interact with your brand.
  • In order to engage potential customers across multiple devices in multiple channels, you need data. And with CRM software, you are able to create a 360 degree overview of each person you connect with.

The Rise of Mobile CRM

  • Mobile CRM access does not just increase use of the software, but also the productivity of the workforce. Statistics have shown a rise in productivity of around 15%.
  • And it doesn’t stop there. Users of mobile CRM are achieving better results!
  • Research by Innoppl Technologies showed that 65% of sales reps who have adopted mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas. While only 22% of reps using non-mobile CRM have reached the same targets.

118 CRM Statistics You Need to Know for 2016, Mark Taylor: 

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