2020: Future Trends and Innovations


This video, produced by Futureindex for the 2013 CASE Europe Annual Conference in Manchester in the UK, takes a 7-minute look at how technological innovation will continue to change the way we live and work in the future. Futureindex looks at many different aspects of our future: “From hover trains to hologram TV, from the rise of China to a population explosion in Africa, and from global energy shortages to crowd sourcing challenges to find planet-saving answers. Everything you see is being planned, prototyped, developed or already in operation.”

Moving to Mobile

This vision is aligned with Neopost’s willingness to break the mold in order to guide and empower people to interact in new ways. For example our move towards mobiles for business applications. And we could even image how the 3D printing example in this video could be adapted to meet our future business needs.

User-Friendly Business Software

As new forms of digital communications are growing, organizations need to be able to manage multiple sources of customer data and different communication channels and delivery points. This increasing role of technology in business has inspired Neopost to partner with the best minds in order to offer customers a range of user-friendly business software that will help them make the leap into the digital age.

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